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Altar Call Songs for Churches!

All New Altar Call Songs for Worshipping Churches!!!

One of the most exciting times and events that takes place in the Church is when the altar call is made and the people respond to that call!

When the worship music goes "beyond the veil" and brings the Church into the Holy of Holies ... THAT is what Church is all about! This is when the people meet Jesus "up close and personal" and He meets their every needs! It is what many of us in ministry "live" for! "Oh, taste and see ... the LORD is Good!!"

The songs on this web site are all new original altar call songs, communion songs, worship songs and some really incredible praise and worship music as well! You are invited to listen to them for free and them decide for yourself if they are "right" for what the Spirit is doing in the midst of your own Congregation.

You will find these songs listed by the name of the CD that they have been recorded on, as well as by "category". A simple "click here" is all you need to do to not only listen to the music but read the lyrics as well!

You can also read some of the comments that others have offered about these anointed songs as well.

For Example:

Yes, He is Awesome!!!! And there is a strong anointing on your worship song, "At Your Throne I Worship You". Oh, how it blessed my heart!! I am a worshipper so that's the first place I went in your website. Thank you for sharing your music with me. I have sung all my life and it is such a vital part of my worship of Him.


Aloha and Blessings to you. Mahalo for the kind words that you have written. Our God is so great we never know where or who he will put in our path to draw us closer to him. We try to hurry God but you know God had his own time of doing things. Even when some times we feel like he has forgotten us. But i think of the scriptures that he will never leave us of forsake us. Just trust in the lord. I was really touched by your testomony and that if God can do that in your life he will take care of mine. I have listened to all you songs and was deeply touched by the words. When i here songs i listen to the message that comes from the words. I think the lord has a very special person in you to do his work. It takes a special caring person to do Gods work. The songs you have are all very beautiful. The lord has given you the gift to sing and write and to bless others i pray you will continue to do so. Your songs touched my heart in many way the message that they bring is so awsome. May the Lord be with you. Debra

I listened to few songs and read the words of many. What a beautiful ministry and talent you have. May God richly bless you for giving to Him. Thank you for encouraging me.

I have viewed your site and listened to a couple of the songs. They're beautiful songs that minister and praise God. I'm bookmarking the page so that I may view it more.

Isn't this just wonderful? yes I do need the Lord right now, more than ever if that is at all possible. What a blessing he is to work in our lives like this even through the

computer. Many thanks.

Enjoyed listening to your songs. Thanks for the website.

Your story is truly an inspiration to me, because I came to the Lord at 38, and my son, who is now 28, doesn't know Him, but I pray daily for his salvation, and after hearing your story, it makes it seem so much closer to being a reality. From a sister of The Most High God Eileen

Hello Steven, I visited your web site and listened to your music. I perceive in my spirit that you do indeed have a call and anointing on your life to minister in song. The Word of God which is set to music is a powerful ministry tool. I pray that God will use the talents that He has given you to not only minister to the body of Christ, but to also reach out to the lost. May He bless you and your ministry beyond measure! Yours in Christ, Joy

Aloha, I have enjoyed listening to your music and I love your voice. Sounds like the Lord is really moving in your life and that is an awesome thing.


I listened to some of the songs and they are very good and inspirational. Irene

Wow you have a beautiful testimony! What a Blessing! Thank you for sharing.

I listened to your music. It was beautiful and a blessing. Thank God for the gift that He has given you. Thank you for sharing it with me. I grew up catholic and when I became a christian 16 years ago, I became a pentecostal. The Lord has and is doing a great work in me and I praise Him daily. My favorite part of the service on Sunday is praise and worship. I can't sing a solo, but I love to worship and have a lot of fun in church. Remain blessed.

So ... if you are looking for new Altar Call Songs - Communion Songs - Praise and Worship Music - Contemporary Christian Music - and just plain ol' fashioned "Rock-That-Doesn't-Roll" Jesus Songs .... you have found it!

Check out the tunes and then drop us a line and let us know what you think, OK?


Altar Call Songs
"Be Thou exalted, O God, above the heavens, let Thy Glory be above all the earth." Psalms 57:11
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